Basic Things On How To Lose 8 Pounds in 1 Week

Basic Things On How To Lose 8 Pounds in 1 Week

Losing weight naturally is still the best way to do it. Don’t be deceived by taking diet pills and other unnatural way saying you could burn calories and lose weight fast. Most of the time they have bad consequences in your body. And in case you don’t know, still the quickest way to lose your unwanted fats is the natural way. Here are some tips that could make you lose 8 pounds in just 1 week.

Never skip meals: It is a myth that people lose weight when they skip meals. Aside from the fact that it is unhealthy, it would just make you eat more. You will see yourself on a food binge after you skip a meal and that will just worsen the situation.

Be realistic: It is a must that you have some realistic goals with you before attempting to start a diet program. If you don’t do it, you will end up forcing your body’s limit and it’s either that or you will just end up procrastinating thinking your goal seems far fetch.

Keep your exercises regular: Just like with your meals, don’t skip your exercise schedule. Stick to it no matter what happens. First choose an exercise plan. It could be through running, jogging or simply just taking a brisk walk in the park. The important thing is that you don’t miss a day without doing it. Remember that consistency is key.

Keep a visible note: You must have a board in front of your kitchen cupboard or fridge reminding you of what to eat and what activities should you work on to lose your weight. According to psychology, you tend to remember things and do the tasks when you write them and see them everyday. It also helps if you have a checklist to indicate the things that you have accomplished for that day. It will also help you have the feeling of fulfillment so you would be inspired to do it all over again.

Binge only on healthy foods: There are foods that could help you lose weight and it doesn’t matter if you eat a lot of them in a day. Instead of your regular oily potato chips every time you work or watch TV, change it to fruits or legumes. Try oranges, grapes, some nuts and even raisins will help you boost your metabolism while snacking. So it doesn’t matter if you pound them in a lot inside your body, they are healthy anyway and the will contribute a lot to you losing weight.

People often neglect the basic and simple things in their life that could help them live healthy. A lot of them are too focused on getting in a weight loss program or hitting the gym and even crash dieting. The trick is to simplify and you will realize that it doesn’t really have to take much of your time to get success when it comes to losing weight. Just be focused and stay motivated.

Lose Weight with Moringa Leaves

Lose Weight with Moringa Leaves

Vegetables are great for losing weight. If you keep your diet just eating fruit and lots of vegetables, you can be sure that you will easily drop weight and even have a healthy lifestyle. One of the vegetables out there that was discovered to contribute to weight loss are the leaves of Moringa.

As a matter of fact, there are so many benefits that a person could get from it and weight loss problems are just among them. You would be amazed to know that there are studies now saying that its leaves could even help prevent cancer and even alleviate cancer patients so they could live life normally.

And we all know that as of the moment, there is still no cure for AIDS but there are also studies now saying that Moringa could be an answer to it. So if all these heavy health problems could be addressed, how much more a weight loss issue? But the question is, what does it have to make all these miracles possible?

Moringa contains more Vitamins and minerals than the usual sources we get them from. It has more calcium than milk, more Vitamin C than any citrus product, more potassium than banana can offer and even more Vitamin A than carrots have. It even has the ability to balance your sugar level. This is definitely some great news for people who are diabetic. And since we are talking about weight loss, Moringa can also balance control the cholesterol that the human body has.

If you think you ate more fatty foods in a day than the usual, a dose of Moringa in your body would help you solve that. Studies have shown that it contributes in speeding up the body’s metabolism, which means it would prevent you from gaining weight. When the body has a fast metabolism, your cells, and your entire system will quickly absorb the nutrients of all the food you ate and this makes you crave less for food.

How exactly are you going to take Moringa in your body? The best way to consume it is to make tea out of it. Soak the leaves in boiling water and wait till you see its extracts all over it. Cool it and drink it using a cup. You won’t overdose anyway in case you want to drink more than that.

You can add sugar if you want because of fair warning, the taste is not good at all. But you know what they say; most of the things that taste bad are actually the ones good for your body like garlic for example. Going back to Moringa, yes you can add sugar and even some lemon extract to make the taste at least bearable for your tongue. But if you want to get all its pure nutrients, it is best to take it all in without adding anything at all.

Remember that the nutrients that your body absorbs play a huge role in your diet. Make sure that you only eat and drink the right ones so your weight will always be in good condition.

Green Tea and Weight Loss and How Does It Really Work

Green Tea and Weight Loss and How Does It Really Work

Before you get your usual cup of coffee, why not try drinking green tea for a change. There are many studies showing a lot of benefits one can get from green tea and of them is weight loss. It is safe that it is even considered as the healthiest drink on earth not to mention affordable.
There are a lot of research papers also showing that green tea has the ability burn a person’s fat faster than the usual because it contains a lot of antioxidants. But aside from it, there are other things that it has that contribute so you could lose fat.
One of those many things is caffeine. Green Tea has more caffeine content than coffee but unlike coffee, it is mild in the body so you don’t really experience body tremors when you drink it. Caffeine helps a lot in burning fats and this is why green tea would do well in this department.
Green tea is known to also speed up the body’s metabolism and all these thanks to the presence of EGCG that can be found in every cup you drink. Now you probably are wondering how exactly this whole fat burning business from green tea works, well first the fats has to be distributed inside the fat cell and have it moving into the bloodstream. The active substance that is found in this drink can help in fat burning simply by speeding up the effects of hormones that burn all fats in the body.
EGCG is the reason behind to breakdown a hormone called norepinephrine. When enzymes become present in the body and cells, this particular hormone will then gain in number. And once it is high in number, it would be easy for fats to be burned because of it the one who sends signals to the fat cells to disperse fats. The goal here is for fat cells to break down fast because it will then be absorbed by the blood to produce energy in the cells.
In case you are not aware, the body always burns calories. Whether you are sleeping or just watching TV, the cells in our body are working so many things and this means they need energy. Green tea can help you burn more fat and calories even when you are absolutely doing nothing.
There are so many studies proving what green tea could do even when a person is at rest. Experts even say that this miracle drink can even make you burn MORE calories than the usual at your time of relaxation.
It is true that green tea could make your metabolism fast but it doesn’t mean it would give the same results to everyone because the results still vary per person. It would be due to a person’s lifestyle, health condition, and other activities that this could actually work.
But nevertheless, if you keep a healthy lifestyle then you won’t have a problem seeing the results of weight loss when you drink green tea.

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