The 5 Odd Ways to Lose Weight

The 5 Odd Ways to Lose Weight

To make losing weight not much of a burden to you and your lifestyle, there are little tricks to do it and most of them are a little bit non-traditional. This means you don’t have to commit on a full on exercise plan nor do you even have taken some weight loss pills to make this possible. Here are some of the unusual ways to lose weight and don’t put them aside just yet because these are actually even recommended by nutrition and health experts.

Sniffing fruits whenever you crave for food: It does sound a bit unconventional but studies have shown a lot of proofs that this is effective. An experiment was made at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, where it involves 3,000 people who volunteered to sniff fruits like banana, apple and they also included peppermint. Those who sniffed often the given materials found themselves less hungry. The best part is that they even lost 30 pounds because their craving for food has been reduced.

Find a mirror and eat in front of it: There is a study that says people who eat in front of a mirror are more likely to eat about one-third of their usual food intake. There’s a psychological reason behind it and it is because you are able to see the amount of food you are eating and it also helps you focus on your goal in losing weight.

Go look for anything blue in color and stare at it: If you would notice, there is hardly a restaurant that is blue in color. It is because this particular color can suppress your appetite. Since this is the case, go ahead and use blue plates when you’re eating and you can even use some blue tablecloth to match it. Meanwhile, the colors red and orange along with yellow would help you with your appetite.

Learn to pause with every bite: It is a good practice of table manner not to devour your food at once. You must know when to pause anyway. But if you want to lose weight, try and place your spoon and fork back on the plate right after each bite. Drink water more often than putting food in your mouth. This will send a signal to your brain that you’re already full.

Walking before dinner: Before you plan to binge for dinner, it is advisable to take at least a 20-minute walk. According to a research that came from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, this activity will reduce your craving and it would also make you feel full without eating a lot.

Take note of these tips because believe it or not, they are effective and there are even credible people and sources of medical facts to prove it. If you are tired of doing the same old diet plan and still feels like nothing is happening, go out of the box and try the unconventional. Your answer might just be these.

Weight Loss Program For Free?

Weight Loss Program For Free?

They say that the best things in life are free and this actually applies to losing weight. Going to the gym is not a bad idea and it is also healthy. However, if you are a strap for cash, does it mean you can no longer have a fit body because you don’t have a gym membership? The truth is, everything you do inside the gym can also be done outside it and even better because you don’t need to pay a single dime.

On the other hand, you must do thorough research on what routine you should do to improve the part of your body that needs it. With the Internet now available and the existence of YouTube, you won’t find researching hard at all. Having said that, here are yours guides on some basic exercises that you need so you could lose weight.

Running: You don’t necessarily need to join a marathon (especially if you are not trained for it), just so you could lose weight. All it takes is a 15 to 20-run in the park every day for 5 days and that is it. The key here is consistency. Don’t skip a day and do it for one whole year and make it a lifestyle, you are surely going to lose weight in no time. And just so you know, this is already an equivalent of the treadmill session in the gym.

Boxing: If you want to gain some sturdy abs, this sport could actually help you with that. Your thighs could also be taken care of, as you know learn the footwork involved in boxing. Some do this for an hour while others just do it for 30 minutes. The warm up alone in doing this sport would already tighten up your core and not only will your body weight benefit here, but it is also a good form of self-defense. How can you do this for free? Just check out some YouTube videos and you will be able to learn it.

Walking: This activity is often taken for granted especially those people who spend so much time in front of the computer. Fifteen minutes of walking every day could make a huge difference in your health. It would improve your cardio, which helps you regulate your blood flow. Whenever that happens, a balance in your body system is created that also affects your body’s weight.

As long as you make an effort to spend at least a few minutes to get off your chair and go out to move your muscles, there is no way you can’t lose weight. We know how hard it is these days since everybody is almost wired with online games and social media. It is a good reason to also have some tech detox so you could focus on your body’s needs. Remember that you are not exercising merely just to lose weight as that’s a wrong way to put it, but the goal here is healthy and stay that way.

What’s all the fuss over the Paleo Diet?

What’s all the fuss over the Paleo Diet?

In the last couple of years, there has been a surprising reaction to the latest fad diet that imitates the eating patterns of the Pleistocene or the caveman. Popularity heightened because it goes against the usual practice of food supplements, herbal intakes, food substitutions, cooking methods and the like. Its very essence is simple, go back to the very basic food groups which the cave man relied on for sustenance and survival in an environment where daily activity was all about hunting and relocation of safe shelter.
The early man in history books is always pictured as having a lean and muscular built, often with defined muscles in the arms and legs as well as a flat tummy. This is the mental picture that is stamped in our memory and has becomes the model physique to aspire for. As early as 1970, Walter Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist was the first to suggest that adapting the eating habits of the Paleolithic man or caveman could make our modern generation turn out healthier individuals. His theory follows how a caveman would hunt and gather food for sustenance and survival:
Caveman’s Meal:
Meat which should be grass fed since it resembles the diet of roaming animals.
Fish that are caught in flowing water such as the rivers, lakes, seas, etc. but are not artificially farm grown.
Fruits and vegetables, as well as gathered plant matter including seeds and nuts, are organically harvested.
Honey as the natural sweetener
Salt preferably taken from the sea is used sparingly to season dishes.

Predated Foods Not Included in the Caveman’s Diet:
Absolutely no processed food which is high in fat, salt and sugar must be added into any part of the meal.
Healthy grains like whole wheat and oatmeal are not accepted because these were cultivated crops and not easily picked from the tree or plant.
Asian staple of rice and noodles are banned from the diet because the caveman did not understand how to plant to multiply food for the future.
Dairy products such as milk and cheese are off the list because they are by-products from raised and grown animal which the caveman hunted directly as meat to eat.
The diet seems like an easy to do meal guide and is based on food at its most natural form. It is a more tolerant approach to eating as it allows one as much food serving as one can handle without having to do a restrictive portioning or consumed within a set time between the next intakes. Simply put, the caveman would instinctively enjoy food when he feels the need to eat. But like a caveman who has to hunt and gather food, there is a time of fasting where hunger strikes, allowing the meal break as a necessary detoxifying cycle that enables the fat to be burned, lessen toxins and anti-nutrients, and controls blood sugar levels.
For those who have started eating the caveman way, they have noticed a drop in weight for the first few weeks as possibly the salts and fat are consumed by the body and ceasing the water retention caused by processed foods.

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