The 5 Odd Ways to Lose Weight

To make losing weight not much of a burden to you and your lifestyle, there are little tricks to do it and most of them are a little bit non-traditional. This means you don’t have to commit on a full on exercise plan nor do you even have taken some weight loss pills to make this possible. Here are some of the unusual ways to lose weight and don’t put them aside just yet because these are actually even recommended by nutrition and health experts.

Sniffing fruits whenever you crave for food: It does sound a bit unconventional but studies have shown a lot of proofs that this is effective. An experiment was made at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, where it involves 3,000 people who volunteered to sniff fruits like banana, apple and they also included peppermint. Those who sniffed often the given materials found themselves less hungry. The best part is that they even lost 30 pounds because their craving for food has been reduced.

Find a mirror and eat in front of it: There is a study that says people who eat in front of a mirror are more likely to eat about one-third of their usual food intake. There’s a psychological reason behind it and it is because you are able to see the amount of food you are eating and it also helps you focus on your goal in losing weight.

Go look for anything blue in color and stare at it: If you would notice, there is hardly a restaurant that is blue in color. It is because this particular color can suppress your appetite. Since this is the case, go ahead and use blue plates when you’re eating and you can even use some blue tablecloth to match it. Meanwhile, the colors red and orange along with yellow would help you with your appetite.

Learn to pause with every bite: It is a good practice of table manner not to devour your food at once. You must know when to pause anyway. But if you want to lose weight, try and place your spoon and fork back on the plate right after each bite. Drink water more often than putting food in your mouth. This will send a signal to your brain that you’re already full.

Walking before dinner: Before you plan to binge for dinner, it is advisable to take at least a 20-minute walk. According to a research that came from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, this activity will reduce your craving and it would also make you feel full without eating a lot.

Take note of these tips because believe it or not, they are effective and there are even credible people and sources of medical facts to prove it. If you are tired of doing the same old diet plan and still feels like nothing is happening, go out of the box and try the unconventional. Your answer might just be these.