Will the Caveman’s Diet work for Modern Man?

We are bombarded with all kinds of diet that promise to bring the physical results and health benefits.  Atkins, Zone, Vegetarian, Vegan, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Raw Food and Mediterranean are the eight most popular diet lifestyle we have today, but the Paleo or Caveman diet is gaining ground.
The caveman diet has simple rules for the sophisticated modern man.  In order to gain a healthy lifestyle, we are to look back into our pre-historic roots where the lean, muscular and strong caveman existed.  Herein lays the issue of whether the caveman diet works for the needs of modern man.
Points to Consider:
Caveman food list is strictly natural, organic and free roaming vs.  grocery packed meat and produce that come from  farm grown  suppliers are usually genetically enhanced or genetically modified
Grass-fed Meat which has the nutrients taken from the grazing behavior of the animal vs. Processed Meat which uses preservatives and coloring
Meat, fish, plants, vegetables, handpicked seeds, and nuts are rich in vitamins and nutrients vs. grains, legumes, dairy and refined sugar which is enhanced with some vitamins in order to pass the healthy label.
Basic food  as mentioned above vs. calorie-rich and processed foods  
Since the Paleo lifestyle diet includes the act of hunting and gathering which comprises the physical activity, the urban caveman has adapted by choosing exercises to stay strong and healthy at different intervals of food intake.
Stages of the Caveman Power Diet:
Stage 1 Getting in Tune with Your body:  For the next 2-4 weeks, start the day with a tall glass of water and graze throughout the day only with unsalted nuts.  Eat anything (pizza, steak, chorizo) during dinner
Stage 2 Craving the Healthy Foods:  For the next 2-8 weeks, start and continue to drink water throughout the day until dinner.  Eat any meal size of the following meat, fish, chicken, free range eggs, root vegetables except potatoes, unsalted nuts, limited fruit
Stage 3 Eating Healthy Foods at Healthy Times: Undetermined Time wherein you can eat in small portions during the day until dinner with the caveman basic food list with plenty of water.
The challenge poses to the modern man is the dedication to adapt a lifestyle, not just a fad that a person will switch to when a new diet plan comes along.  It teaches one to make the effort to go back to basic and appreciate the sense of nature.  In a way, it goes against the tide of convenience, instant results, quick fixes, and easy solutions.  It is about the person conquering the cravings that will test one’s will power and promises that at the end of each stage, there is a keen understanding of your body, sense sensitivity and sharpened mental ability.  While it guarantees your stored fat to be burned for the first 4 weeks in stage one, by choosing the basic Caveman food list, the individual will naturally loose unwanted water retention and feel lighter.  Thus, the leaner and muscular physique like that of a caveman.